Welcome to Owen Orchards

Acres of Apples & Bushels of Fun!

A down-home,
old-fashioned farm.

Owen Orchards is an old-fashioned apple orchard and farm located on Route 5 between Elbridge and Auburn, New York. Easy to get to and easy to enjoy, there’s something for everyone at Owen Orchards. With 15 U-Pick apple varieties to choose from, you can wander the orchard at your own pace and pick apples at your leisure. The Owen Orchards store—which is open from mid-August through March—is reminiscent of a down-home farmer’s market! You’ll find fresh apples, homemade pies, fresh pressed apple cider, apple cider donuts, and an assortment of locally grown and produced vegetables, condiments, cheeses, and preserves.

Family Fun.

Picking apples at Owen Orchards has been a tradition for hundreds of families for decades. Now in its fifth generation, Owen Orchards remains family owned and operated, a throwback to a down-home, old-fashioned farm. Young and old alike come from near and far to enjoy the simple, wholesome pleasures of picking apples, sipping fresh apple cider, and savoring the taste of hot apple cider donuts. No gimmicks. No hype. Just a quiet and quality family-oriented apple picking experience—the type that memories are made of.

Our History.

Owen Orchards began in the late 1920s and the early 1930s when Charles Owen—a superintendent of local Cayuga County schools—wrote letters to Isaac C. Rogers (breeder of the sweet and juicy Rogers McIntosh apple) about buying and planting apple trees. He started growing just a few trees and apple varieties—McIntosh, Cortland, and maybe six others—on a stretch of land way back in the distance off Route 5, located between Elbridge and Auburn, New York. In those early days, the original Owen Orchards store and farm market were housed in a 6’ x 10’ trailer.

It was in the late 1980s that Charles Owen’s grandson—Gordon Tripp—and his son, David Tripp, began planting, growing, and harvesting a wider variety of delicious apples in a newer and larger orchard. The original apple trees and orchard have since been retired, and now the current Owen Orchard location spans 30 acres dedicated to more than 25 varieties of apples. Another 10 acres are set aside for peaches, pumpkins, and squash when the weather cooperates.

In 2000, Owen’s family added a welcoming 1,500 square foot store, complete with cider mill, apple storage, and commercial kitchen. Today, Charles Owen’s legacy and reminders of those early days live on at Owen Orchards. The old trailer serves as a chicken coop, and the original antique tractors from the 1920s continue to intrigue visitors year after year, resting on the porch outside the Owen Orchards Cider Mill and Farm Market, right on Route 5 in Weedsport.

U-Pick Apples.

Wholesome fun without spending a ton!

With 15 U-Pick apple varieties to choose from, you can wander Owen Orchards at your own pace, pick apples at your leisure, or simply enjoy the scenery. Open 7 days a week during the U-Pick season, apple picking at Owen Orchards begins in early September, the perfect time for mid-week activities with your little ones or outdoor weekend adventures with your whole family. Come back again and again, because the different U-Pick apples at Owen Orchards are ready for picking at different times through the end of October. All apples are sold by the pound, so you can bring home as many or as few as you like. Best of all, 90% of Owen Orchards U-Pick apples can be picked from ground level! Click here to view the U-Pick apple picking schedule!

The Cider Mill.

A taste of old-fashioned goodness.

Over the years, Owen Orchards apple cider has gained a reputation throughout Upstate New York for being a great-tasting and all-natural apple cider. Owen Orchards produces more than 10,000 gallons of apple cider each year, so fresh jugs are available every day! With no added preservatives, Owen Orchards apple cider is unpasteurized (UV treatment) and meant to be sipped and savored within days—not weeks—because of its all-natural quality. This all-natural quality of Owen Orchards apple cider makes it perfect for creating hard apple cider, something that can’t be accomplished with supermarket apple cider.

Cider Donuts.

Sweet treats fresh from the farm!

There’s nothing like savoring the variety of warm apple cider donuts made fresh daily at Owen Orchards either on a chilly autumn morning, or in the evening while nestled in your favorite chair. Available in three mouth-watering flavors—plain, cinnamon, and sugar—Owen Orchards apple cider donuts let you relive a feeling of down-home country comfort. The great taste and freshness of Owen Orchards apple cider donuts probably explains why Owen Orchard’s cider donuts are enjoyed by so many!

The Farm Market.

From local farms to your table.

Open from mid-August through March, the Owen Orchards farm market store is located right off of Route 5 between Elbridge and Auburn, New York. It’s easy to get to, a pleasure to browse around, and a great place to stock up on locally grown and produced vegetables, condiments, cheeses, and preserves. You’ll experience great customer service, as well as find a great selection of apples, homemade pies, freshly made apple cider donuts, candy apples and caramel apples, and so much more! You’ll also find a variety of locally grown vegetables, including sweet corn. And remember, if Owens Orchard didn’t grow it, their neighbors around the corner did!

With quality apples and old-fashioned charm, Owen Orchards

is wholesome, down-to-earth fun for the entire family!